What Others Say About Your Combat Coach

What Others Say About Your Combat Coach

Develop your combat mindset!

"This takes mindset a step further...and aggressive to be realistic."-Spencer Dobbs

Develop the confidence to protect your family!

"The ease with which you can control someone is mind blowing!"-John Wallace

Gain the psychological advantage!

Its my determination whether this escalates or I end it."-Jim Hoskins

Learn a skill that you take with you everywhere!

"There is some stuff I learned from Bob that I used right out of the gate and some that I still use today."-Tyler Christensen


Learn how to manage yourself and others!

"I have to some of the nastiest areas and this training would have made me feel far more comfortable."-Don Allen


I have got your back. For life.

It is important to me to give you value. It is important to me that we have a relationship and that you know I have got your back.

Why I teach deadly force techniques

I strongly believe that if you are not being training to destroy another human's capacity to move then you are not being trained effectively and in a moment when you need it you will be found lacking.

I can help you reach your potential.

It is important to move forward. Accept what limitations that you might have and move forward and work within that context.

Boardroom to Back-Alley, You Can Be Combat Effective!

APEX PREDATOR is a proven foundation for high-yield performance. Over fourteen years, I have refined key principles to produce capable, high-quality, combat-effective warriors, in a very short time. You will learn how to severely maim, disable or incapacitate an attacker within one and one-half to two seconds

Free Private Lesson, Free Monthly Training and Video Access

Free Private Instruction With Me

For a very limited time, you can register for APEX PRDATR and you will receive:

  • Your own private lesson! An eight-hour day to work together.
  • Pre-event dinner on Thursday evening. 
  • Two Full Training Days
  • Review and Bonus Training Event
  • Four-hour Group Sessions for Free
  • Video Access

I will teach you secrets that most martial artist do not even know.

You could spend years in a dojo or karate studio and never be exposed to the level of information that I am going to share with you.

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About the Author:

We share a common bond in that you want to walk in peace until you can no longer do so. Like me, you want to protect your family, those that you are responsible for, those that you have sworn to protect, the innocent, or those that you love. Join me and you will receive a choice selection of the fruits of my life’s work.